Wedding Photography

When It Rains, Do This!

Cheshire wedding photographerWithout a doubt, the weather is one of the worst things in working as a Cheshire wedding photographer. That is because you’ll encounter unexpected things and even if you do expect them to happen, there isn’t much you can do to prevent them. And one of those weather is rain.

The nature of rain is that it makes everything wet and you’ll be having hundreds of moving objects in front of your lens. It’ll be practically impossible to shoot on long-exposure unless you’re expecting something else. So, what can one do to still be able to shoot amazing wedding pictures that’ll live up their client’s expectation? These are several things you can discuss with your clients.

Don’t hide from the rain

The first thing is to realize that you shouldn’t be avoiding and thinking that rain is going to prevent you from working properly. Any condition is a chance for you to shoot things. For example, the gloomy cloud does give off a mysterious, dark atmosphere and you probably shouldn’t miss this chance.

Short exposure to rain allows us to look at the droplets of water as they stop mid-air and the couples pose in all awesomeness. Unforgettable is something that couples seek and you can easily gain that right now.

Prepare umbrellas anytime

The logical thing to do when you see rain is to use an umbrella to protect yourself, so use that. Next is easy. Simply imagine the romantic things that women like to do under an umbrella. That’s the easiest way if you cannot think of a pose with an umbrella.

An example of a Cheshire wedding photographer who nailed this is Maurice Roberts at It’s not easy, but Maurice is always ready with the necessary props just in case that things get wet.

Take cover inside

Instead of forcing yourself trying to think of ways to shoot under the rain, you shouldn’t forget that you can also take pictures indoor. The inside of most wedding venue is also worth to have pictures taken. Especially if the venue is at a mansion, never miss this chance.

Don’t forget to have some pictures taken from the inside to show how the outside looks like. In the case that by the time you’re done the rain has stopped, your clients will still have memories that it was raining hard on that day.

Face the rain

Another method is to simply release yourself and be that child that wanted to play outside so much. Rain poses a very different atmosphere to the pictures. But in the case that it’s going to be dark, prepare some lights in advance. Make sure they light the scene enough.

Some things that your clients can do is kissing, embracing, or simply waltzing or dancing. These are simple romantic acts that will certainly feel different when done under the rain. If it’s possible for the groom, he can carry the bride by the thigh and carry her high.

There are many ways a Cheshire wedding photographer can face a rainy wedding day. With properly planning things out and anticipate them, you can definitely take some of the most amazing pictures.