Wedding Photography

wedding photographerA wedding photographer should always know how to dress appropriately. You will be attending weddings and weddings are prevalently formal events. If you don’t dress up the right way, clients might misconstrue you as not really taking things seriously at the end of the day. Dressing up the right way will mean that you care about your clients and that you care about how they perceive you as you show up for work. This is really crucial when it all comes down to it. Make sure that you get to get things checked out the right way as much as possible.


Your shoes will turn out to be the most important part of your wardrobe as a professional wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you get to go for something that is comfortable and something that is durable at the same time. Although looking good and looking stylish will turn out to be a part of what you are supposed to do as well, this should only come in second to the aspect of dressing up comfortably while you are at it. You will be living in those shoes for the next 10 hours or so of your day. This is not a small thing for you to just discount when it all comes down to it. You don’t have to compromise on your shoe wear. There are a lot of shoe options out there that offer both comfort and style at the same time. If you are a female wedding photographer and are seriously considering heels, you should be wise enough to forget about those aspirations right then and there.

No to street wear

Street wear will turn out to be a big no-no and this is something that you should really avoid as much as possible. Nothing says “I don’t care” more than a person showing up in clothes that looks as if he just slept in it the night before. You wouldn’t want something like that if you are on the other end of the spectrum so make sure that you are always looking into things like this all of the time.

Wear business casual

If you are in doubt and you don’t really know how to address things accordingly in terms of wardrobe in wedding photographer, the safest option will always be the business casual. You can never go wrong with business casual. Try to remember that all of the time as much as possible. You can always add layers to a business casual outfit in order for you to make it come out looking a little dressier than usual while at the same time, you can just opt to go ahead and remove some layers in order for you to make the outfit look a little more toned down and a little more free and non-committal.

It doesn’t matter if the wedding is something that is fairly casual and toned down, the truth of the matter is that in no way, shape or form are you allowed to wear shorts. Just don’t do it. It’s disrespectful and just downright annoying.

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Wedding Photography

wedding photographyPlanning a wedding in Orange County? Look at John Warren Photography’s website It would be a really good idea if you can look up most of your info online. When you are doing your background research online, you don’t have to end up wasting too much money on in-person meetings or in calling people and so on and so forth. Anything and everything that you could possibly need will all be right at your very fingertips and this is something that you should really go ahead and take advantage of at the end of the day.

Plan ahead

Make sure that you have things worked out and planned out ahead of time so that you could make the most out of your wedding photography coverage. Scrutinize the portfolios that are posted online. These will usually turn out to be the best handiwork that these wedding photographers will be able to put out. If you aren’t impressed with the stuff that you see in their online portfolios, then you probably should not hire them in the first place. Get this looked at as much as possible so that you don’t end up being dissatisfied with what you get in the long run. You won’t have anyone to blame by the end of the shift.

Conduct interviews

Interview the choices that you have for wedding photographers and go over the agenda and the requirements line by line. You need to have something targeted and focused. You won’t find what you are looking for if you don’t know about it in the first place. Be serious and be very tedious with your interview sessions because this will really streamline your wedding photographer search. Don’t be afraid of lengthy interviews. The vendors will suffer through it if they want the job bad enough. This is your way of really sifting out the viable options you have on the table as a client. Be very detailed with your interview questions. If you can prep them up ahead of time and arrange them in a list with a very specific agenda, then you should go ahead and do so as much as you possibly can. You can’t just opt for something that you can play by ear. Every question needs to have a specific purpose as well as a very specific agenda.


Try to see if you will be able to negotiate an arrangement with the wedding photographer that you are considering to have an engagement shoot thrown in for free along with the current services that are being pitched out to you as a client because this will really matter a lot. You will be able to save a lot of money and you will be able to get the best value for whatever you are spending on wedding photographer services if you have all of the right things going for you for as far as wedding photography expenses are concerned. And this is really the kind of mentality that you should be having all throughout the time that you are sourcing your options. You should try to wiggle out the best deals from them as much as possible.


Protect yourself from harsh elements.

wedding photography tipsIf there is one thing that wedding photographers tend to ignore all throughout the time that they are shooting weddings, it would have to be the fact that a lot of them are also set outdoors. This means that you will have to go head to head with the elements with no protection coming from a roof because there won’t be one during the wedding event. You need to protect yourself from the harsh elements, particularly from the sun. It may sound petty but the truth of the matter is that so many wedding photographers forget to wear sunblock. Although it may just turn out to be a side thought, it is something that you need to make sure that you are able to remember especially when you are shooting in an outdoor setting for the wedding that you are trying to cover. More than pretty much anything else, you need to make sure that you are able to really go ahead put safety first on top of everything else. It can be pretty easy to just smack your forehead sometime after and regret the fact that you didn’t slather on some sunblock. Don’t wait until you get to that point. Have one handy somewhere in your car so that you can take it out any time there’s a need for it.

Dress appropriately

For the lady wedding photographers out there, make sure that you are able to dress appropriately and cover up in all of the right places. Although it would be nice to look good, you also need to make sure that you are able to go ahead and keep things appropriate as much as possible. You have to understand that what wedding photographers Los Angeles do on a daily basis is crawl, crouch, lie on the ground at times, and just downright get in all of the weird and uncomfortable positions for the aspect of finding that perfect shot and you will end up doing this one way or the other.

No to skimpy clothes

What this means is that if you dress up in skimpy and inappropriate clothes, you might end up giving people an eyeful every single time and that can’t be a good thing. Above everything else, what you need to portray is a vibe of professionalism more than pretty much anything else and that is why you need to keep it professional and conservative as much as possible. Stay away from any clothes that have steep  necklines that might end up making you flash people with something that is far more than just your camera when you are out there and taking their pictures when it all comes down to it.

More than that, another thing that you should prepare for as well is an extra outfit somewhere along the way. You need to make sure that you have something else to wear in the even that you end up ripping or ruining your clothes due to all of that crouching down and posing and so on so have one in your car all of the time.


Get your portrait game down pat.

wedding photographerAs a professional wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you really get your portrait game down pat. It is one of the most pivotal elements included in an actual wedding photography shot and if you would like to blow your competition away and impress your clients every single time, then you need to really deliver the best and nothing but the best when it all comes down to it. If you don’t really know where to start with the portrait taking session, it would be great if you think about the kind of vibe or mood that you would like to express in the portrait. It needs to be something that is more or less compatible with the subject that you are working with. A nice practice would be to talk to your subjects before you shoot them for their portraits. Get a feel about how they are as people and try to intercept that as much as possible. You probably didn’t know that a certain degree of psychology will come into play in your aim to be a wedding photographer but that really is the case when it all comes down to it. It is so much tougher than it looks but for as long as you have the right kind of interest and determination for it, you will be able to pull it off right.

Let subject look into space.

One trick that will really get to work for your portrait shots every single time is the aspect of letting the subject look into a space. Any kind of space will do for as long as it is technically not in the direction that looks straight right into the camera when it all comes down to it. This particular shot has worked extremely well for the other wedding photographers who have gone before you and there really isn’t any reason why this should not work for you just as well at the end of the day. You are almost always guaranteed to come up with interesting looking portrait shots if you go ahead and employ this particular technique as a wedding photographer.

Your portrait shots will come out looking mysterious and substantial and it can really work to your advantage.

This is more or less a serious take on portraits but it works really well. It is particularly effective in getting some kind of effect from the people that you are taking photos of. It will pull out a great deal of character and substance out them and have it translate in the portrait shots one way or the other. It is a technique that will more or less help bring variety into the portrait photo shoot that you are trying to bring together. It can turn out looking surprisingly great if you time your shots well. Like wedding photographer Milton Keynes, play around with the angles that you use and bring in different dimensionalities in the portrait shots. There really is no right or wrong approach when it comes to taking portraits so if you would like to be creative and have a bit of an unorthodox approach, then by all means, go ahead and have a try.


Networking is something that wedding photographers should always make time for when it all comes down to it.

wedding photographyNetworking events are quite common these days and if you are fairly new and you would like to get your name as well as your brand out there, then you should go out of your way to really attend these events. Get a nice batch of crisp looking business cards printed out and always ready somewhere in your bag or in your wallet because you never really know when the perfect opportunity pops up somewhere along the way.

Although networking used to be perceived as something that is more personal and something that has a more in your face approach, it has been changed drastically by the development and popularity of social media. Although this is something that takes a bit of adjusting to do, it is something that can actually work in the favor of wedding photographers who just don’t have them time to physically get out there to scout potential connections.

The thing with online connections is that they are fairly similar to how in person connections work.

They work on pretty much the same plane or concept and operate under the same principles as well. It’s just that online networking is much more convenient and less time consuming. Those two things won’t really hurt you as a wedding photographer, when you come to think about it. As a matter of fact, it can actually work to your advantage.

When you share images of a recent wedding that you just shot, you can opt to do it virtually via social media.

It makes it so easy to get people to have access or to view your images right then and there. For samples of what kind of pics you should share, check out You have the option to tag the designer of the bride’s gown, the venue, the florist who took care of the flowers, the caterers who served the food, and so on and so forth. In that single post alone, you are able to reach out to all of the vendors involved in that particular shot.

You don’t have to do anything physically.

It’s so fast and convenient. More than that, when you tag the vendors publicly, it means that you also technically gain access to their own respective followers or audiences. Without really doing anything more than just putting in the effort of a few keyboard strokes, you are able to reach out to potentially hundreds or thousands of audiences through social media. It sounds overwhelming when you are easily daunted by amazing things but when you focus on the benefits that it can bring in as well as the potential clients that you will be able to get out of that, it will make you all the more excited to be one of the wedding photographers who happened to exist in this day and age. Networking really isn’t all that hard. It’s all a matter of directing your energies to all of the right tasks and to all of the right people.


Invest in basic wedding photography gear to help make your life so much easier when you have wedding photography shoots to cover.

wedding photographyOne crucial wedding photography accessory that you need to make sure you are able to invest in and really bring with you all of the time is a tripod. A tripod is something that will really be able to help pull you through a wedding photography shoot when you are dealing with challenging situations such as bad lighting and the like. Mounting your camera on a tripod also ensures that you are basically laying down a really stable and fixed platform for you to shoot your wedding photography photos in. it is far better than just shooting pictures with your camera held by hand. It requires less energy as well because you don’t have to hold it up all of the time. A tripod is also quite perfect to use when you are mounting specialty long lenses such as a telephoto lens during the wedding photography shoot. It is also something that will really get to save the day when you are shooting in low light settings or during those challenging times when the camera automatically shifts to a slower shutter speed because of the light setting quality.

Minimize the use of flash during the wedding photography shoot.

If you are going for a vibe that is more free flowing and candid such as a documentary wedding photography style or approach, using flash is something that will really be able to take a lot away from the moment. You will end up getting people startled and it is something that can really ruin the continuity of the shoot because people will oftentimes stop and wonder for a split second what just happened.

Flash is extremely bright, sudden, and distracting.

These three traits do not help your cause in wedding photography at all. Try to avoid from using it as much as possible and opt to use natural lighting or any other lighting that is more stable and steadier instead when it all comes down to it. A lot of wedding photographers actually opt for strobes. They are far more powerful and the kind of lighting that they provide sort of mimics natural light quite a bit at a certain extent. They require a lot of time and effort to prepare though and if you are trying to keep a reportage kind of vibe during the wedding photography shoot, this is almost next to impossible to pull off. If you should use flash during your filming process, opt for an external flash bracket instead of the built in camera flash.

Set camera to a quiet shutter setting.

Another thing that can really help you fly under the radar as a wedding photographer and help you get the most out of your wedding photography Hertfordshire shoot is if you set your camera to a quiet shutter setting. This will disturb people less and will not startle or catch their attention while you are filming. Learn how to set your camera to this mode ahead of time so that you don’t end up wasting any during your wedding photography shoot.


Advise couple to kiss longer

wedding photography tipsOne of the most difficult moments to capture during wedding photography is the aspect of the moment when the bride and groom lean in to share a kiss shortly after they have been declared as husband and wife. Despite the fact that we are already in the 21st century, it is still a pretty well kept tradition for the couple to keep the kiss chaste and short. Some of the kisses don’t even last for over a second. As the pro who is providing the wedding photography needs for the event, this is something that can really turn out to be a major problem for you and for what you are trying to pull off when it all comes down to it. You need to make sure that the kiss is prolonged so that you will be able to document it well and so that you will more or less be able to get the best possible exposure for it at the end of the day.

One simple solution that you can go with is for you to talk this out with the bride and groom ahead of time. Advise the couple to kiss longer or to kiss slowly so that you will be able to capture great pictures of the kiss during the wedding. Most couples will have no problem with this request at all. More often than not, they are usually too over the moon in love to refuse the concept of a longer kiss and they will gamely participate with you and with your wedding photography plans.

You should seriously entertain the concept of bringing props in your wedding photography shoot.

You can make your props whimsical, classy, or just downright artsy. The sky really is the limit when it comes to things like these. The reason why this is something that can work wonders for wedding photography is because of the fact that it can really bring out the fun and the personality out of people that you are taking photos of. The internet is awash with wedding photography prop ideas and the best part in all of this is the fact that most of them are stuff that you will be able to do yourself. More often than not, you will need nothing more than a few basic and standard office supplies, some basic instructions, and a little creativity on the side. When you introduce the concept of props, you are giving people something to work with and focus on which means that you will be able to document the moments with less awkwardness and with less discomfort at the end of the day.

Work on upping your ante all of the time when it comes to the angle shifts that you get to bring to the mix.

Try to look for unique angles that most people in wedding photography don’t commonly make because at the end of the day, they just might work for you and for what you are trying to pull off as a wedding photographer Cheshire. More around and change up your angles for added variety.


wedding photography methodsTake note of the fact that wedding dresses are mainly white.

One thing that you will need to really prepare for that a lot of people are technically taking for granted in wedding photography would have to be the fact that the bridal dress is oftentimes white. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most challenging things that a London wedding photographer could ever come across with one way or the other. The issue basically stems from the fact that although what the human eye sees is a dress that is predominantly white but on the contrary, what the camera sees is a spot of bright light that has the potential to ruin the rest of the photo and should in turn be “fixed” or subdued. This will make your photo come out alright at the end of it all except for the fact that it will make the bridal dress look dull and gray and that is something that you should not allow to happen at all in any way whatsoever.

There is a simple trick to be able to fix this though and it has worked for wedding photographers time and time again. All that you will really need to do is for you to dial in some positive exposure compensation and that should more or less fix the problem right then and there. This is an interesting strategy or trick for you to keep in mind because the trend for white bridal dresses has been around for quite a long time now and it seems like it is showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

Get a second camera and second lens for the wedding photography coverage.

Wedding photography mainly operates by the rule of twos and that is something that you should always keep in mind especially when it comes to the aspect of the cameras and the lenses. There is a pretty good chance that you already have your main or primary camera because photography has been such a passion for a while now that you have decided to go ahead and take the extra step and actually pursue it as a profession. what that basically means is that your problem would have to be with the second camera and with the second shooter as well. The point of the matter is the fact that when it all comes down to it, a second camera is something that costs a lot of money and someone new to the industry of wedding photography so if it is something that you may be struggling with in the beginning, then you should save up until you are able to pool enough funds. In the meantime, you could just borrow or rent one out from friends or from places that lease cameras out whenever you have a wedding to cover.

You will also need a second shooter for your wedding photography gig.

There is a cheap way out of it. Reach out to new wedding photographers like yourself and offer to exchange services as each other’s second shooters and that should get the problem solved.


wedding photography gearCameras

You need at least one camera and one backup camera. If you are just starting out and trying to gain traction for your wedding photography career, what you will need first and foremost would have to be a high quality camera as well as a secondary one which is also fairly high quality. Your camera is your main weapon so you need to make sure that you choose well. This is probably one of the most expensive investments that you will ever get to make so review all of the options as much as possible before you head out to make that one big purchase. This may be the kind of gear that you will be stuck with for a lot of years to come so you might as well make sure that you get something that will be worth your while one way or the other.

Tripod and light stands

You will need a tripod and a couple of light stands or so. A tripod is one of the most important accessories a wedding photographer Cardiff can ever have in his arsenal. It can really help out a lot and can provide stability and support for all of those moments where you will need to work with a low light setting one way or the other. When the sensor of the camera does not get enough amount of light to fill it, it automatically shifts the camera to night mode or night setting. The shutter speed is lowered and that can result to unnecessary camera vibrations which can really affect the quality of the photos that you are able to take one way or the other. A tripod can help hold the camera down to minimize these vibrations and generally being you better pictures. More often than not, most of the professional cameras out there involve high pixel count. What this means is that the camera needs to be absolutely stock still in order for it to perform up to its maximum potential.

Camera batteries and memory cards

You will need a whole fleet of memory cards and camera batteries. One of the most inexcusable failures in a wedding photography coverage is running out of memory space or running out of camera batteries. The reason why this is so inexcusable is because of the fact that this is something that you can prepare for and something that you can really pretty much avoid. Swipe all of your memory cards clean and make sure that you bring along more than enough than you could ever need. You also need about two extra camera batteries per camera in order for you to make sure that you never run out during the event. It is also wise to bring an AC adapter and charger along with you so you can simultaneously have the drained out batteries charged.

Camera bag

You will also need a high quality camera bag that you can fit all of your gear into as well as something that can more or less protect your stuff as well. Invest in a camera bag that is padded so that you get to protect your gear despite of any bumps or rough handling that the bag may encounter. Also try to see if you can get something that is made out of weatherproof materials that can withstand rain or extreme heat and just about anything and everything that the elements might throw at you while you are shooting.


wedding photography tipsBe as unobtrusive as you possibly can.

Wedding photography is basically all about making sure that you are able to document the most important day in the life of the bride and the groom who hired you. That means, technically speaking, capturing the pictures and being able to touch them up and deliver them is your main point of concern one way or the other. You do not have to make your presence as the official photographer Berkshire known to the rest of the other guests out there just about every other minute. As a matter of fact, the less intrusive your presence is, the better. This is the main reason why investing in a really high quality telephoto lens is one of the best investments that any newcomer in the wedding photography can ever make for his career.

A telephoto lens will technically allow you to take close up shots or photos without having the camera shoved in the faces of people all of the time. You can just scoot to the back of the room and keep a respectable amount of distance without missing out on any important shots at all. It is the perfect tool in being invisible and still making good on your promised products or shots.

Clearly spell out the things that are to be included in your wedding photography service.

The first thing that you should make sure and pretty much get out of the way is the aspect of having to manage the expectations of the bride and of the groom before you even go ahead and agree to cover the wedding photography coverage and pretty much make everything official at some point or so. You should itemize all of the things that your clients should be getting and really map things out for them. Make sure that there is no room for confusion left in between. List all of the items in black and white and make sure that the bride and the groom understand pretty much anything and everything in between.

You cannot afford any kind of confusions that may eventually lead to the clients becoming dissatisfied with your service. If you can (and it is highly advised that you do), get everything down on paper. This will give both you and your clients something tangible to hold onto and something to check out as you go along. This will help you better align you with your goals and with all of the tasks that you will need to do in order for you to be able to successfully deliver your wedding photography service in all of its entirety.

Take your time when you are taking your shots.

There is no need to overshoot. Overshooting will actually bring you more harm than good. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to a maximum of three clicks per scene and that is it. Anything more than that and it will already more or less end up becoming excessive and will make things a little too confusing for you for when you are about to go through the post shoot processing phase of the images that you were able to capture.


Get second shooterwedding photography tips

Get a second shooter to accompany you in the wedding photography gig, regardless of how the odds may add up. Believe it or not, hiring a second shooter will really be worth every penny that you put into it. It will cover the issue of needing to have a second camera on standby that will serve as your insurance in the event that something happens to your main one. It will also make things so much easier for you during the wedding event because you can focus more on the important moments of the wedding events and follow through on your list of must have shots more efficiently than you ever could compared to when you are running all over the place and at your wit’s ends about where to begin and where to finish off at the end of the day.

Get connected

It is quite understandable if you approach this issue with a little bit more caution than usual because of the fact that cash can be a bit on the down low especially if you are still starting out in the wedding photography industry but what you need to be rest assured of is the fact that there are cheaper solutions to getting a second shooter to assist you in the wedding photography gigs that you cover. Talk to the other new wedding photographers in your area and ask around if they are looking for second shooters in their wedding gigs as well. Offer to be the second shooter in their wedding events and in exchange, they could be the second shooter in your events. An exchange of service will equally benefit both parties and at no added cost. It solves the problem right then and there.

Back everything up twice

Preparation is everything when it comes to wedding photography. Work on everything twice. Invest or go ahead and buy twice the number of memory cards you need. Pack twice the amount of camera batteries that you will ever use. As the official Berkshire wedding photographer, Back up your image files twice and in two different places. Go through your editing process during the post shooting part twice as well just to make sure that there are no images whatsoever that you might have missed out on. When it comes to wedding photography, there is no such thing as being over prepared. Keep this in mind before you roll your eyes and scoff at the thought.

Keep a good enough stash of business cards.

Be ready to give them out during the wedding day event. One of the most common mistakes that wedding photographers commit is that they forget the intrinsic value of a well designed neat set of business cards. Give out your business cards to people you may come across during the wedding. As a matter of fact, even if you are not attending any particular event, it will still be best if you go ahead and have a few stashed in your planner; something that you can easily whip out in a moment’s notice. You’ll never really know when your next big client is going to show up so you might as well come prepared all of the time.


wedding photography Know your clients.

Try to talk to your clients before everything else starts. You will need to meet with them and really talk to them as thoroughly as you possibly can. Hold a meeting and go through all of the wedding photography details one way or the other. Yu need to make sure that the bride and groom know exactly what they will be getting and when. Documentary wedding photography is even harder because you are planning for something that should end up looking natural and candid. You are trying to capture the moments and plan for it before they even happen at some point. Find out what kind of theme or story line your clients are going for. Discuss important turnaround times. Discuss the must-have shot list. Discuss anything and everything that has to do about your documentary wedding photography coverage.

Move around.

If you want some variations in your shots, then moving around is definitely a requirement. Moving around will gain you access to different kinds of angles and can really help in giving your photos that documentary kind of feel once they are all collated together. Make sure that you prepare good enough shoes for this. Opt for something that is comfortable and something that can really last for a long time to make sure that you get every bang for buck value in the money that you put into it. It might be tempting to go for those high heels that look really good on your feet but you will end up being really grumpy and irritable all throughout the wedding coverage process and that is not something that you might want to go for. If it really matters a lot to you, go for something that offers both comfort and style all at the same time. At least, you do not have to compromise on anything and that will serve you just well.

Know your lenses and know how to use them.

A documentary wedding photographer needs to anticipate the moments before they happen. You need to learn a lot about your lenses. You need to know what the differences are in between the different kinds of lenses and what they are used for. Learn about what the specialties are in between lenses so that you know how you will be able to approach any shots or compose any scenes so far. Ideally, you could go for a medium zoom lens, a wide angle lens, and then a telephoto lens. Different shot effects require different lenses so arm yourself with the right technical knowledge to make sure that this is something that you will be able to pull off quite expertly.

Aim to tell a story.

Your pictures should tell a story. Try to bring in the elements that can help tell them. Take a step back and assess the composition at some point.

Pay attention to the details.

All of the itty bitty little details matter and they can really bring in that unique element in your documentary wedding photography gigs one way or the other.


wedding photographerGet yourself a comfortable pair of shoes.

This wedding photography tip may probably sound a bit silly, to say the least, but it is actually quite important. When you are covering the wedding event, you will be running around a lot and you will almost always be on the move. This is something that you will need to prepare for. It is probably tempting for you to dress to impress and to reach out for that towering pair of high heels but at the end of the day, that is actually something that you will greatly regret. You will need great shoes that are comfortable enough to last you for the entire day, and then some. If you want to be the wedding photographer Nottingham who is able to maintain his disposition all throughout the wedding, then you should start with extremely comfortable feet. If you can find something that is aesthetically pleasing as well, then you can throw that in as an excellent bonus.

Be careful of people who will try to undermine you during the wedding coverage.

And be rest assured that this is something that can really happen a lot. There will always be that one relative who thinks he is entitled to step in and take matters into his own hands, telling people how to pose and where to pose; but that should not be the case. You should not let that person undermine you in any way, shape or form. The best way to go about with this is for you to tell that person firmly but politely that as much as you appreciate the gesture, you would like to be able to initiate your shots in such a way that has been planned ahead of time and that you will highly appreciate it if they can step back for a bit. To assuage them, you can say something to the effect of them getting their chance to do what they want once you are done with taking your shots.

Have a list of shots that you need to make during the wedding.

This is something that you should discuss with the bride and groom in great detail. Most brides and grooms usually complain that their wedding photographer missed an extremely important moment in their wedding and now it is lost forever. That is not something that you would like to hear at all. What you should do would be to ask your clients for a list of their preferred shots. You should have at least fifteen shots or so. You should then build up on that list. Add in a few items of your own. Over time, you will see that this is something that you will be able to go about quite easily and without that much difficulty. You might not even need the actual list in the long run. But for now, for as long as you are still new in wedding photography, make sure that you get to keep the list with you as much as possible.


wedding photography tipsIf there is one thing that you would have to do when it comes to wedding photography, it would have to be the fact that you need to start blogging at some point or so. This is an absolute requirement and should be something that you should prepare for one way or the other. What you need to know and understand well ahead of time though is the fact that the blog entries are not meant for the clients whose wedding you are covering. The blog post is mainly meant for your future clients, as surprising as this may initially sound to you.

Your blog is one of the most important marketing tools that you can ever possibly get your hands on. This is usually one of the very first things that your potential clients check before they decide to go ahead and hire you for your services. Some businesses plan their marketing campaigns around advertisements, print ads and so on and so forth. In wedding photography, you plan your marketing campaigns mainly based on the way that you build up your blog posts.

A blog is a very strategic marketing tool in the way wherein it will get to drive traffic to your blog site. It can also double over as a portfolio that your clients can basically leaf through online. This is also the main platform with which you will be able to connect with other vendors in the wedding industry and get some referrals.

Create your title methodically and strategically.

There is no need for you to go fancy on it. The main formula is very simple. It requires you to put in the first names of the bride and groom, the name of the venue, and the actual location. That should be more than enough to make it the most efficient kind of title out there.

You also need to learn how to write one way or the other.

If this is something that you absolutely hate doing, then you need to brace yourself because it is not something that you can get away from. Build your content up sentence upon sentence and take your time, even if you would have to drag your feet at it. Writing is an acquired skill so if you are bad at it in the beginning, you can be rest assured of the fact that you will eventually get better at it. Just keep practicing.

Work on the way that you lay out your images.

Take a cue from the way that professional wedding photography magazines lay out their images. Do not post too many images because it will make the blog post look too busy to the point of being redundant and you will end up boring your audience. Get ideas from the website of wedding photographer Birmingham. Do not post too few of them because you want to show your readers that you are quite capable of covering a wedding from the start to the end. Do not post all your images in full size because not all images warrant to be posted in full.


wedding photographyHave a long and honest conversation with the bride and the groom

Technically speaking, put the emphasis more on the bride than the groom. Most brides are basically in charge of their own weddings and they like having a more hands on approach at some point. The best way for you to go about with this is to really get in there and take the time to talk to your clients. Have a long and serious conversation with them and really go in depth when it comes to discussing all of the details that involve the wedding or anything that has to do with the wedding at some point. There are some couples out there that actually have a belief that it may be bad luck for the bride and groom to go out and see each other before the wedding.

You need to discuss this way before the wedding because you will need at least an hour before the wedding wherein you can hold a photo shoot in between the bride and the groom. You have to make them understand that they will not really get that much of a window the moment the wedding has already started. You really need to nail the couple shoot down pat because you will not have that much of time once the wedding proceedings have actually begun.

Get a must-have shot list set in place

Make sure that it is something that you are able to deliver. Brides constantly find themselves complaining about their wedding photographers about shots that have not been made properly or moments that have been missed one way or the other. The best and simplest way for you to avoid this is to make sure that you meet with the bride and create the shoot list way before the wedding even starts. You can go ahead and attempt to bring a catalogue of old weddings that you have covered before and show her the poses and let her choose which ones make her must-have list. You can then go ahead and put in a few more items that you might think should be a part of the list as well. There should usually be around 15 shots or so on the must-have shot list. It is crucial that satisfaction is always checked out on the clients’ side because it might be your next recommendation on the line for you.

Change your lens and move to a telephoto lens

That is if you want to have a change in perspective every now and then, The bride and groom may feel just a tad bit iffy at times when you are up in their faces all the time. If you sense some kind of awkwardness or anything of the like, then it is probably high time for you to more or less start scooting to the back for a bit. A telephoto lens will let you position yourself for a comfortable enough distance and still let the bride and groom and the rest of all of the other guests in the wedding to have enough close-up photos that you need for those must-have shots. Our Newcastle wedding photographer uses this often.