newborn baby photographyThere are basically two kinds of newborn photography styles out there. They both have their own appeals, at some point. The first newborn photography style is the studio style. The photo shoot is usually set in a studio. It involves smoothly finished photos. It is also involves staged or choreographed poses. The photographer usually has total control over things and manipulates the setting in such a way that he will be able to pose the infant with different kinds of props as well as in different positions. The second newborn photography Calgary style is freer flowing and natural looking. It usually involves just letting the baby be and photographing him doing the usual things he would do on a normal and daily basis. There is a certain sentiment that comes with these two styles of photography and the best way to go would have to be being able to capture photos of the baby in both fashions.

Pay attention to details.

Sometimes, the smallest of things can hold the greatest of values for the parents and for the other people who might be looking lovingly at the photos that you have taken. Every single little finger, the slightest of laughs and the smallest of yawns are treasured greatly by the parents of the newborn baby. The newborn phase is extremely fleeting and is something that a lot of parents out there would like to immortalize in the photos that are being taken. This is something that you should keep in mind all of the time when you are photographing the baby at some point or so. Ask the parents if there are any specific details that they would like to include in the photo compositions that you take. There may be that special blanket that the grandmother painstakingly knit together for months on end. There may be that special pair of baby booties that came from an aunt abroad. There can be a whole lot of little things out there that you can include in the photos to make the composition more meaningful to the parents and that are exactly what you should be paying your attention to.

Schedule the photo shoot within the first ten days of the newborn baby’s life.

The first ten days is the most opportune time for you to get the photos taken because of the fact that the baby is asleep most of the time during this particular phase of his life. If you schedule the photo shoot any later than this, the baby will tend to become more alert and will tend to become more reactive as well. That can pose a bit of  a problem for you as a newborn photographer because of the fact that the baby will not be as cooperative as you would like him to be at some point. You will end up wasting far more time that you have set aside for it and you may not get the kind of poses and expressions that you might want.


newborn photography tipsNewborn photography is one of the most rewarding types of photography out there. Parents, especially first time parents, are usually so over the moon with the birth of their babies that they want a little memento to mark the occasion by. Babyhood is also quite a precious thing and is unfortunately something that is extremely fleeting and that is the reason why there is such a boom with regards to newborn photography lately. If this is something that you want to try out as a sort of expansion for your photography career, then you should seriously start looking at props that you should collect.

Props make newborn photo shoots look fun and interesting. Although they are practically statement pieces themselves, what you need to keep in mind is the fact that the long and short of it all is that the photo shoot should focus on the baby. The props should serve as a somewhat interesting compliment to the baby but it should never steal the attention from the baby. Here are a few things that you might need.


Hats make awesome props for baby photography and something that you should definitely include in your collection. What most photographers do is they take a few shots of the baby sans the hats or the headgear first and then go through the motions of putting on different colors and different styles of hats on the baby’s head. Sometimes, parents may want to interject and weigh in on the kind of hats to be used so just to be safe, it would be best if you ask for their permission before fitting the baby with any kind of hat or headgear, for that matter. Since hats themselves are already loud and interesting enough, it is best to stick with a fairly neutral or canvas-like wrap or blanket to go with it, just so that there aren’t too many things going on in a picture all at once.


Crates make for really versatile props. If you are creative enough with them, you can come up with different kinds of looks and poses by pairing them with an assortment of blankets and furs before you put the newborn baby inside. They are also the cheapest ones out there. Try to go for something that is wooden for that natural and sort of vintage vibe. When looking for crate to include in your prop box, try to look for something fairly faded and old because it tends to come off looking charming. Go for something that has prints to add some sort of character to them.


Baskets will also make great additions to your list of props for newborn photography. There are so many different types of baskets out there and so many ways to use them that you will surely enjoy shopping for them alone. Use them with a wide assortment of faux furs, blankets, and wraps and you will surely get awesome and breathtaking photos that will be literally worthy enough for the books.