Check time.

event photographerIf you would like to be an event photographer, the first thing that you will need to remember all the time and keep yourself in check with all the time and time again is the reality that things will not be easy in the beginning. There will be times wherein you will start to go ahead and question if this is something that you will really be able to do. You will start to ask if people will really start booking you and seriously considering you as a viable option when they are in the market for a professional event photographer and that’s really quite normal. What is important is that after all has been said and done, you get to look into the possibilities and that you get to stay strong and stay true to the course no matter how tough things may turn out to be in the beginning. The thing is, you won’t really get to book the big and glamorous events in the beginning and that’s alright. You will get a slow start but it’s a slow start regardless and everybody needs to start somewhere at some point or so. Make sure that this is an angle that you are able to review in the end of it all.

Always get a contract set up.

Events, regardless of how small they might turn out to be, are usually official gatherings backed by companies and other organizations and this is something that you will need to go ahead and check out as much as possible. Make sure that no matter what happens, you are able to look into the different possibilities as you go along. You need to anticipate things and you need to set up all of the necessary contingencies that you need to go ahead and set up so that you will be able to protect your business the right way as much as possible. Some unexpected things might happen. The trick there is to make sure that you are open to the possibilities no matter how unpleasant they might turn out to be. They will at times turn out to be a bit of a hassle and you might find it a bit intimidating trying to get a lawyer to draft up a contract for you just to that you can go ahead and be an event photographer but it is a necessary measure that you need to take in order for you to protect yourself as well as your business.

Come in early for the event.

Venues and times may change, especially during the holiday season wherein venues are booking events back to back. Constantly check in with the event organizers and make sure that you are always looped in on all of the changes pertaining to the event. This is an era of iphones and smart phones in general so keeping up shouldn’t be too much of an issue in the long run. Come in early as well so that you can map out the venue before everyone else starts coming in.


event photography tipsDress like you belong to the event.

Apart from the fact that you will need to make sure that you are able to deliver photos that are up to par with the expectations and with the standards required by your clients during the service agreement, you will also need to make sure that you are able to dress well for the event. Make sure that you are able to blend in or at least look respectable while you are there to provide your professional event photography service. The staple dress code for event photography experts everywhere would usually be a nice pair of slacks, a nice formal or slightly formal shirt, dress shoes that look nice but are comfortable as well all the same, and then maybe a blazer or so thrown in for good measure. It is always easier for you to remedy an overly dressed outfit than for you to make up for an underdressed one so whenever you come across a decision crossroads, always go for one that leaves you better dressed when it all comes down to it. It is quite easy to just go ahead and tone it down one way or the other by removing a few items. If it is a costume party though or something that is fairly themed, then you should at least exert enough effort to actually blend in even for just a little bit.

Take photos of the event before the guests start arriving.

Event organizers spend hour upon hour and months and months on end trying to make sure that all of the other details are perfectly laid out. They will really get to appreciate the fact that you took the time to come in early before all of the guests started arriving so that you can take photos of the entire setup. The clients will also be able to appreciate the meticulous amount of detail and attention that goes into the setup and documentation of the venue in the pictures that you will deliver them by the end of the event photography shoot. A good practice would be for you to request for all of the overhead lights to be turned out. That way, you will get to have better lighting and you can pay attention to the little details. Have a wide angle view as well as macro shots included just so that there is variety at some point.

Work fast.

Do not overshoot. It may be tempting to really spend the time on the composition of the photos but the point of the matter is that the guests are there not to spend time with you but to actually attend the event at hand. As the hired Liverpool photographer, take your shots and then move on. Do not take up too much of their time. Work with the three-click rule. Take three clicks then look for another scene or another person to film. Anything more than that and your guests will already feel like you are taking too long to get their pictures taken and they will start to wonder if they are missing out on anything in the event.