wedding photography tipsIf there is one thing that you would have to do when it comes to wedding photography, it would have to be the fact that you need to start blogging at some point or so. This is an absolute requirement and should be something that you should prepare for one way or the other. What you need to know and understand well ahead of time though is the fact that the blog entries are not meant for the clients whose wedding you are covering. The blog post is mainly meant for your future clients, as surprising as this may initially sound to you.

Your blog is one of the most important marketing tools that you can ever possibly get your hands on. This is usually one of the very first things that your potential clients check before they decide to go ahead and hire you for your services. Some businesses plan their marketing campaigns around advertisements, print ads and so on and so forth. In wedding photography, you plan your marketing campaigns mainly based on the way that you build up your blog posts.

A blog is a very strategic marketing tool in the way wherein it will get to drive traffic to your blog site. It can also double over as a portfolio that your clients can basically leaf through online. This is also the main platform with which you will be able to connect with other vendors in the wedding industry and get some referrals.

Create your title methodically and strategically.

There is no need for you to go fancy on it. The main formula is very simple. It requires you to put in the first names of the bride and groom, the name of the venue, and the actual location. That should be more than enough to make it the most efficient kind of title out there.

You also need to learn how to write one way or the other.

If this is something that you absolutely hate doing, then you need to brace yourself because it is not something that you can get away from. Build your content up sentence upon sentence and take your time, even if you would have to drag your feet at it. Writing is an acquired skill so if you are bad at it in the beginning, you can be rest assured of the fact that you will eventually get better at it. Just keep practicing.

Work on the way that you lay out your images.

Take a cue from the way that professional wedding photography magazines lay out their images. Do not post too many images because it will make the blog post look too busy to the point of being redundant and you will end up boring your audience. Get ideas from the website of wedding photographer Birmingham. Do not post too few of them because you want to show your readers that you are quite capable of covering a wedding from the start to the end. Do not post all your images in full size because not all images warrant to be posted in full.


wedding photographyHave a long and honest conversation with the bride and the groom

Technically speaking, put the emphasis more on the bride than the groom. Most brides are basically in charge of their own weddings and they like having a more hands on approach at some point. The best way for you to go about with this is to really get in there and take the time to talk to your clients. Have a long and serious conversation with them and really go in depth when it comes to discussing all of the details that involve the wedding or anything that has to do with the wedding at some point. There are some couples out there that actually have a belief that it may be bad luck for the bride and groom to go out and see each other before the wedding.

You need to discuss this way before the wedding because you will need at least an hour before the wedding wherein you can hold a photo shoot in between the bride and the groom. You have to make them understand that they will not really get that much of a window the moment the wedding has already started. You really need to nail the couple shoot down pat because you will not have that much of time once the wedding proceedings have actually begun.

Get a must-have shot list set in place

Make sure that it is something that you are able to deliver. Brides constantly find themselves complaining about their wedding photographers about shots that have not been made properly or moments that have been missed one way or the other. The best and simplest way for you to avoid this is to make sure that you meet with the bride and create the shoot list way before the wedding even starts. You can go ahead and attempt to bring a catalogue of old weddings that you have covered before and show her the poses and let her choose which ones make her must-have list. You can then go ahead and put in a few more items that you might think should be a part of the list as well. There should usually be around 15 shots or so on the must-have shot list. It is crucial that satisfaction is always checked out on the clients’ side because it might be your next recommendation on the line for you.

Change your lens and move to a telephoto lens

That is if you want to have a change in perspective every now and then, The bride and groom may feel just a tad bit iffy at times when you are up in their faces all the time. If you sense some kind of awkwardness or anything of the like, then it is probably high time for you to more or less start scooting to the back for a bit. A telephoto lens will let you position yourself for a comfortable enough distance and still let the bride and groom and the rest of all of the other guests in the wedding to have enough close-up photos that you need for those must-have shots. Our Newcastle wedding photographer uses this often.


tripods useA tripod is probably one of the best and wisest investments that a wedding photographer could ever make right after his camera and his lenses. This can really be a bit of a struggle for those who are starting out though because of the fact that it takes money and the money factor can be a bit of an issue for those who have not quite yet established themselves in the wedding industry just yet. If you ever come across any doubts about this, just know right off the bat that a tripod is an absolute necessity for you if you ever want to start doing the wedding photographer thing professionally. This is something that you need to know how to use though and you also need to make sure that you know the most common mistakes that come along with the use of the tripod. This way, you know just all of the things that you need to avoid and you will also be able to fix it at some point.

Extend center column

What most wedding photographers do is that they extend the center column of their tripods. Although this may be something that you may not be extremely well versed with at the beginning, what you need to understand is the fact that most tripods are actually equipped with a center column that will allow you to extend its height. It will let you shoot your images at a higher level than usual aside from using the legs of the tripod alone. If you extend the center column at some point though, you are working with a tripod that will not provide you with enough stability. A tripod is basically the most stable when the center column is not extended at some point. If you would like to be able to elevate the height, then by all means, use the legs of the tripod instead. If you have already extended the legs up to the maximum of its capacity and you still find that the height is still quite lacking, then that would be the time that you can venture into extending the center column. It should be the last possible resort.

Extend bottom part

Another common tripod mistake that most wedding photographers make is when they extend the bottom part of the legs of the tripod first. The tripod basically functions on collapsible legs. What that means is that the lower sections of the tripod are technically slimmer or thinner compared to the upper ones. If you think that you will not need the full extended height of your tripod just yet, then the smart way to go about with it is to make sure that you start with the upper section of the legs first instead of starting off with the bottom section of the legs. Extending the legs at the bottom in the beginning is not the most stable way to go and when it all comes down to it, since you are investing in a tripod to begin with, what you are looking out for is stability by all means. Try to keep this in mind the next time that you need a little bit more elevation in your camera’s height.



photographer maleThe only losers in the wedding photography industry are the quitters.

If this is something that you would like to start out with at some point, you have to understand right off the bat that it is not an easy journey. You will come across some major failures and rejections time and time again but if you are truly passionate about something, you should be willing to fight your way through all of it by hook or by crook. You cannot just quit because you have had enough. For as long as you have not gotten to where you would like to be in wedding photography, status-wise, then it is not the end of the road just yet. The only losers in this industry are those who quit and you will be well on your way if you cross quitting out of your list as soon as you possibly can.

The path to success in wedding photography is a long, winding, and arduous one.

This may sound as one of the most cliché of sayings but the truth of the matter is that there really is no such thing as an overnight success when it all comes down to it. Some people may give up just a little too early but what you need to understand is the fact that sometimes, it will take you years to get things going. If you have put in thousands of dollars in equipment and whatnot, you might not be getting that back anytime soon. It helps if you give yourself a little more leeway than usual, two years or so at least.

It is alright if you do not jump overboard and all in and do this full time just yet.

Sometimes, having a financial buffer can be a really great idea. If you are a bit iffy with entertaining the thought of doing your wedding photography business on a full time basis, there is a pretty good chance that your instincts may actually be quite right. The point of the matter is that this is something that you can do on the side. As a matter of fact, it will actually give you a comfortable enough financial buffers if you are able to keep a full time job while you are trying to launch this wedding photography thing.

Sometimes, the biggest breaks that you will ever get to have may come from the most unexpected of sources.

If you keep working the wheel, introducing yourself to people and telling them about what you do, updating your blog accordingly and optimizing your posts, there is a pretty good chance that something should turn up pretty soon.

The wedding photography business is basically a numbers game.

You will always get way more no’s than yes in the process. There will always be rejections and believe it or not, the rejections will always be far more than the yes. Do not take it personally though; it has nothing to do about you. It is just the way prospecting goes.


newborn photography tipsNewborn photography is one of the most rewarding types of photography out there. Parents, especially first time parents, are usually so over the moon with the birth of their babies that they want a little memento to mark the occasion by. Babyhood is also quite a precious thing and is unfortunately something that is extremely fleeting and that is the reason why there is such a boom with regards to newborn photography lately. If this is something that you want to try out as a sort of expansion for your photography career, then you should seriously start looking at props that you should collect.

Props make newborn photo shoots look fun and interesting. Although they are practically statement pieces themselves, what you need to keep in mind is the fact that the long and short of it all is that the photo shoot should focus on the baby. The props should serve as a somewhat interesting compliment to the baby but it should never steal the attention from the baby. Here are a few things that you might need.


Hats make awesome props for baby photography and something that you should definitely include in your collection. What most photographers do is they take a few shots of the baby sans the hats or the headgear first and then go through the motions of putting on different colors and different styles of hats on the baby’s head. Sometimes, parents may want to interject and weigh in on the kind of hats to be used so just to be safe, it would be best if you ask for their permission before fitting the baby with any kind of hat or headgear, for that matter. Since hats themselves are already loud and interesting enough, it is best to stick with a fairly neutral or canvas-like wrap or blanket to go with it, just so that there aren’t too many things going on in a picture all at once.


Crates make for really versatile props. If you are creative enough with them, you can come up with different kinds of looks and poses by pairing them with an assortment of blankets and furs before you put the newborn baby inside. They are also the cheapest ones out there. Try to go for something that is wooden for that natural and sort of vintage vibe. When looking for crate to include in your prop box, try to look for something fairly faded and old because it tends to come off looking charming. Go for something that has prints to add some sort of character to them.


Baskets will also make great additions to your list of props for newborn photography. There are so many different types of baskets out there and so many ways to use them that you will surely enjoy shopping for them alone. Use them with a wide assortment of faux furs, blankets, and wraps and you will surely get awesome and breathtaking photos that will be literally worthy enough for the books.


wedding photography tipsWedding photographers have had this long standing argument about shooting in RAW over JPEG. Believe it or not, it is actually not as trivial as it seems. There are some major and valid points out there that can really more or less push you towards making a decision between the two. What this article aims to do is to dissect the different advantages or benefits that come along when wedding photographers choose to shoot in RAW. At the end of the day, it really isn’t just about a matter of preference. There are some solid facts about shooting in RAW format that the newer and less experienced wedding photographers can learn about and make use of at some point.

Understand what RAW is

For starters, it’s important to know and understand what RAW files are and what is so special about them. The RAW file format basically captures all of the necessary and related information or data that is being recorded by the camera’s sensor when the photo is being taken. Think of it as what the human eye sees directly compared to having another gadget attached to the brain to relay the images that is being seen by the human eye. That is pretty much the closest analogy to how RAW files work. JPEG images are auto edited by the camera and because of the need to lessen the amount of memory space being used, the images are often compressed. That results to technically losing all of the other information that comes along with the original image which can be crucial when it comes to image resolution and just quality in general.

Highest quality of photos

One of the most important benefits of RAW and mainly the driving force as to why wedding photographers prefer it so much is because it delivers the highest quality of photos. It is impossible to get anything higher than RAW. It is the best of the best out there. Again, this is attributed to the fact that wedding photographers are getting information directly from the sensor of the cameras and the images are basically untouched. Shooting in JPEG though will usually auto edit the files and they are processed automatically. The camera is not as instinctive or as smart as a skilled photographer and his powerful computer software for editing photos and that is why JPEG is such a turn off for those who would like to stay pure in the art form.

High level of brightness

Let’s talk numbers. The levels of brightness between a JPEG file and a RAW file are just downright insane. JPEG files only range up to 256 levels of brightness. A raw file’s levels of brightness can range anything from 4,000 to 16,000 or more. The difference is almost laughable at best but still worth getting in perspective. This better equips the photographer to take care of issues in the images that are way too common such as posterization when filming horizons or skies. They do not look great in the digital copies and they look even worse in print.


wedding photography tips1. Create a shot list that you have pre- agreed with your clients.

Talk to your clients and have everything planned well ahead of time. It is always important to make sure that everything is being thought out before they actually happen. Ask for the most crucial photos that they would like to have that they think they simply cannot do without. Then add in a few items which you think should also be part of that list by all means. Write them down on an actual piece of paper or notebook and keep the list close to you as much as possible. Consult it periodically all throughout the wedding coverage and make sure that you time them and anticipate all of them so that you do not end up missing out on everything. You will eventually get better at this and may not even need an actual tangible list in the future but for now, stick to the written down version so you do not forget anything.

2. Always get your gear backed up and prepare for the worst possible things that can happen.

If you are at an outdoor wedding venue, make sure that you have umbrellas and waterproof bags to cover your expensive equipment with. Make sure that you have a contractual agreement set in place for contingencies like this so that you will be able to adjust the pricing accordingly should it require you to add anything to the basic equipment kit that you are currently using on normal shoots.

3. In wedding photography, timidity will not get you anywhere.

Sometimes, you have to speak up and be a tad bit audacious so that you will be able to get what you are looking for in the shot. You have to make sure that you are able to juggle everything though. It is all a delicate balance that precariously hangs on your head as the photographer. Be bold but not too bold in such a way that you will be perceived as impolite or ill mannered. You will get better at this over time but for now, just tread slowly and try to find your sure footing.

4. Do not keep deleting your images on site.

If you are in the middle of a shoot, you will have the temptation to always check the images you managed to take and end up deleting those that you do not like right off the bat. Try to veer away from doing this because you risk deleting the interesting and odd shots as well. Do the discarding once you are in the actual post shoot process. That will keep things more or less in perspective for you. Once deleted, you know you cannot bring them back so be careful and choose wisely.

5. Lastly, assess your background.

Do not film in messy or unruly backgrounds. It will ruin everything for the shot. Instead, go for something interesting and solid. Opt to go with backgrounds that are neat and those that provide a good enough canvass for the people you are filming.