Wedding Photography

Know When a Single Shooter Isn’t Enough

wedding photographers PortsmouthBecause your wedding is something that happens only once, it’s highly unlikely that you’d want to risk missing several important moments. Thus, the consideration to have one more shooter emerges. But, it’s not without the extra cost to pay.

Should I get myself two wedding photographers Portsmouth? It’s good to know yourself when two photographers will do more good than a single one can.

Know the limitation of a single shooter

One photographer can only do so much. Remember that you cannot ask too much from a single shooter, especially when two things are happening at once. For example, if you want to get ready at the house of your grandma’s while your groom at your new house, it’s highly possible that your photographer will prioritize the bride. There might not be any picture of the groom.

But, if you want everything to be covered, be prepared to pay extra hours because your photographer will have to fly to the second place and then to the venue right after he’s done.

Know what you want

There are couples who are a bit perfectionist about what they do. Because of this, they want to see a really complete coverage of their wedding. They want all the guests that arrived to have their pictures taken and that nothing about the decoration is unrecorded.

This is especially hard when your wedding venue is huge and that you’re inviting all your colleagues, childhood friends and have a big family. Your photographer will be overwhelmed with having to go around the hall, capturing as many people that came and still paying attention to you.

This is when you know that two wedding photographers Portsmouth of the same professionalism like will do more good.

More coverage

Double shooters allow you to have more pictures of your day. And not just that, with good coordination, the two can take various angles of the precious moments, such as the first kiss and first dance. We all know that you feel awkward, yet, simply blissful during these moments. One more picture from a different angle to show the different side of the day is just priceless.

Also, note that two photographers will mean that you will get hundreds, and possibly thousands of pictures of your wedding. That’s just a lot of choice to make to include in your wedding album!

Group photo

There’ll be a session where your main photographer has to spend some time to take portrait and group pictures of you and your guests. There’s no doubt that your main photographer will have to spend at least 30 minutes here. That means that all the guests outside the frame are left ‘unattended’ by the photographer.

Having two wedding photographers Portsmouth at this moment will cover a lot of loopholes at this moment. You never know when your crazy friends will pull a stunt when you’re smiling with your in-laws. It’s just a matter of timing and you don’t want anything important on this day missed. The day will go by really fast and when you realize it, you don’t have the chance to go back again!