Wedding Photography

Gay Wedding Planning 101

There is a need for gay friendly wedding vendors.

gay wedding photographerOne downside to planning out a gay or a same sex wedding is that most couples don’t realize that not all people are as accepting as the others and this is what you need to prep for as much as possible because if you don’t, you will end up feeling disappointed and feeling dissatisfied with whatever it is that you end up with in the end of it all. even though there are wedding industry professionals who aren’t open to embracing the thought of a same sex wedding, what you can be rest assured of is the fact that there are a lot of other professionals out there who are and instead of wasting time on getting upset over people who won’t accept or support you in what you believe in; you will be more productive if you think about other things when it all comes down to it. The first thing that you need to ask a photographer that you are planning to hire out for your wedding, for example, is whether he is a gay wedding photographer or not or at least whether or not he is someone who is open to it so far. Save yourself some time and save yourself the frustration by being upfront about it and telling them about it right off the bat.

Tradition is a no go.

Whether it is something that we would like to admit or not, the thing is, traditions are meant for heterosexual weddings or weddings meant to be between a man and a woman. If you end up being fixated on these traditions and you happen to be planning out a same sex wedding so far, then what you need to understand is the fact that this might not be applicable for the particular wedding that you have in mind so far and you need to do something about this as much as possible. The good thing about this is that you can go ahead and make your own traditions and throw the old one out of the window while you are at it. You don’t have to be tied down with anything that doesn’t mean anything to you in the first place. This is a comforting reality to regard whenever you feel as if things are starting to get you down. This is a wedding meant to bring two people together and in that sense, you really aren’t all that different from the rest of the other couples out there.

Stay true to your ideologies.

Don’t let society and what its opinions are sway you from your true calling and true cause for planning out this wedding in the first place. Make sure that you go ahead and hire out people who are like minded and who more or less has similar beliefs as well. Hire out a gay wedding photographer. Hire out a planner who more than understands what you are trying to say and do.

Family can come in all forms.

Even if you don’t have your biological family by your side, this shouldn’t weigh you down because you can always rely on a family of friends to help you and support you every step of the way so cheer up and enjoy the journey.