Wedding Photography

Complete This Checklist Before You Hire a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer EssexWedding planning is an activity that requires a lot of resources and dedication on the part of the couple involved. For most couples, the bride ends up being the one taking up most of the tasks and she is faced with countless options requiring her to make a choice especially when it comes down to the essentials like the wedding dress, the wedding food, reception hall and the wedding vows. Even the choice of wedding photographer is another task she is faced with.

For the first time brides, having to select a professional wedding photographer is something they have never had to face before prior to the planning of their weddings hence, the process might seem unfamiliar. Taking note of the fact that apart from maybe wedding videography, wedding photography is the only other option available to capture and preserve the memories of the union between you and your partner therefore choosing someone that can deliver not only on style but provide varied options in terms of packages is essential. The checklist below will serve as guide in gathering the necessary information you need to make a decision on hiring a wedding photographer Essex:

Ask About Deposits

Are you a fan of paying after you receive a service or would you rather settle a down payment to ensure the service is secured before paying the full price? Your answer to this question will determine if you will go for a photographer that requires a deposit paid first on a specified date or if you go for the other alternative. You need to make sure the payment terms and conditions are clear and understood.

Delivery of Pictures and Proofs

This has a lot to do with the wedding photography contract as some photographers might exclude it while several will include it. If you need the proofs for your wedding pictures, then you need to make sure this is something that is discussed between both of you and also included in the contract. What you also need to verify is when you should expect delivery of the proofs and if they will be in paper form or digital.

Available Picture Formats

Definitely all wedding photographers offer clients print photographs but there are still many that provide discs (CD, DVD’s and videos) of images. If you are a fan of this, you need to ask the wedding photographer for the formats which are available and if there are added costs for getting digital images done. Also, photographers tend to be protective of their work and you find some of them getting copyrights for their images. You need to find out if there is a fee for having copyright on the digital images.

Ask about alternatives for wedding albums

For most wedding photographers, the physical wedding album is not the only output they offer clients. The professional wedding photographer Essex at have add-on services that include set up and maintaining online wedding albums. This way, you also get to keep family and friends updated.