Wedding Photography

Awesome Wedding Planning Tips

Avoid a cash bar as much as possible.

wedding photographer hertfordshireAlthough it would be nice for you to have an open bar, or limit the costs for an open bar while you are at it, a cash bar will prove to be something really bad for the budget that you are trying to work with because of the fact that it can really make your guests feel a bit unwelcome. You can still maintain an open bar without stretching your budget out too much while you are at it. You don’t need unlimited variations when it comes to your booze options.

You only need an unlimited amount to what you are trying to check out.

One type of beer, one type of wine, and one or two cocktails should do. You only need an unlimited amount or an amount that is more or less good enough for the size of your guest list. Talk to the bartenders ahead of time and try to see if you will be able to strike up some kind of deal somewhere in the process. You have to be resourceful and versatile when you are taking things like this into account as much as possible. You can work anything out for as long as you are resourceful enough all throughout the time that you are prepping the needs for your wedding day.

Overdoing your spray tan is a mistake.

Your wedding photographer Hertfordshire will not really be able to do much about it if you show up looking like a streaky orange mess. You can spray tan for a little bit but only to highlight certain parts of your body, nothing more. Overdoing it can make you come out looking a little too bright and this can turn out to be a bit of an eyesore in the long run which is the wrong type of appearance that a bride should be aiming for at the end of the day. If you want a little bit of tan, a few swipes of a well chosen bronzer will really get to do the trick. Make sure that you don’t overdo this as this will end up defeating the purpose of looking great and flattering in the photos that your professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire shoots of you by the end of the day. Stay out of the sun while you are at it as well.

Take care of your brows.

Your brows frame your face and you will end up looking weird and unsophisticated if you don’t pay attention to how you trim them and maintain them. It doesn’t matter if your preference is for thick brows or for thin ones. All that technically matters is that you get to make sure that they are well maintained by all accounts.

Toasts should not be free for all.

Carefully preselect the people that you are planning to include in your wedding toasts during the reception and keep the list short as much as you possibly can. It should not be free for all as this can be a little too dragging for the rest of your wedding guests.